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"Never Stop Dreaming"


This is the story of a little girl from New York City who dreamed of being an actress from a very early age.  She played Combat  in her garage after watching the famous television series, and she made up her own TV show, Nationwide Nancy, about a young woman who traveled around the country getting into adventures.   In her room, she would practice her Oscar acceptance speech after watching the Academy Awards...


 At about this time, the little girl also started writing stories, poetry, and songs.  It was a gift noticed by her parents and teachers alike.  Alas, as the little girl grew up she was told that acting and writing were not good career options... However, that didn't keep her from studying acting throughout high school and college, and appearing in productions.... But life beckoned....  She became a psychologist-- a professor and consultant.  She became a mother and a volunteer, but she never gave up her dream to be an actor!  


Over the years Rosaria has appeared onstage in New York City and in community theater.  She worked on a PSA, did student films, independent films, background television work, and studied acting with some fantastic coaches, including John Pallotta in NYC.  She is now looking for representation as she continues working on her craft and appearing in various web and film projects.


I'm an actor with a great passion for the craft and a great respect for fellow actors, as well as for crew and post-production professionals who make it all come together.  I've been fortunate to work on interesting projects, both on film and stage, and I look forward to more involvement in television, film, and commercials.


"Never Stop Dreaming"




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